10 Monsoon Skin and Hair Tips

10 Monsoon Skin and Hair  Care Tips


Taking care of yourself is always necessary, but in the monsoon season you need to provide a little extra care to avoid any health and skin problems.


  1. Never Skip Sunscreen!


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Don’t think that sunscreen is only useful when the sun is out. The sun can damage your skin from behind the heavy clouds as well. During monsoon also, sun releases harmful UV Rays which can cause skin damage. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out. It will protect your skin and keep it soft and fresh. And keep your skin moisturized.


  1. Use Warm Water

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Throughout the monsoon season there is a huge amount of moisture present which makes your skin oily. Now, oily skin attracts more dirt which sticks to your skin. While taking a bath or cleaning your face, use warm or lukewarm water. It will cleanse your pores thoroughly and will give you clean skin.


  1. Squeeze a Lemon

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Squeeze a lemon in your bathing water. It will eliminate the set-back of excess body odour in monsoons. You definitely don’t want to the person with bad body smell, whom people avoid talking to stand near them.

Squeezing a lemon in half mug of water while washing your hair will remove the excess oil and dirt form your hair and scalp as well.


  1. Exfoliate Skin


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Washing your face regularly with a face wash may not help always. It is good to exfoliate you skin once in every week. It will prevent acne and remove dead skin cells from your face. It will provide you a healthy and glowing skin by removing the excessive oil from within your skin.


  1. Use Waterproof and Matte Makeup


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Monsoons are a season on moisture and humidity. Having sweaty and oily skin is natural in this season. Using waterproof makeup will help you in not looking like a clown while all your makeup is ruined. Matte and waterproof makeup will stay on your skin through-out the day. Also keeping a compact powder handy will help you keeping your makeup fresh and removing oil from your face.


  1. Get Regular Waxing and Mani-Pedicure


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Roaming around on muddy roads on rainy days tends to attract more bacteria and germs, specially under your nails. And when your body hair is grown then trap those bacteria and dirt on your skin which can cause infection.

Getting yourself waxed and having a manicure and pedicure on a regular basis will remove dead skin and dirt and keep you clean and protected from infections.


  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Water is essential for your skin and body. Drink at-least 8-10 glasses of water a day. It will keep your skin glowing. Avoid drinking coffee and tea as it reduces the water content from your body. Drink more of fruit juice or coconut water.


  1. Eat Right!

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Too much hair-fall this monsoon? Intake a diet rich of protein, calcium and minerals. It will cleanse your blood and strengthen your hair and keep them shining.


  1. Wash and Condition Regularly


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Monsoon cause a lot of sweating and specially in your hair. It is necessary that you keep your hair and scalp keep. it helps to prevent hair-fall, dandruff and dry hair. Condition your hair every time you wash them. It will maintain the shine and softness of your hair.


  • Avoiding Frizzy Hair

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After shampoo, using a leave-in conditioner will reduce frizz from your hair. Apply a squeezed lemon on your hair will also maintain the level of frizziness. You can also use a diluted solution on honey with water and apply it on your hair. it will not only reduce frizz but also give you healthy and shinning hair.


This monsoon season enjoy the rain without worrying about your skin and hair. You know how to take care of them.

By- Mekal Mishra


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