5 Easy ways to get Heat-less Hair Curls 

5 Easy Ways To Get Heat-less Hair Curls 

Now-a-days curling your hair with curling rods damages hair till an extent that it becomes difficult to repair them. Curling rods gives more split ends than usual. Due to heat, it causes excessive hair loss. The nutrition of the hair gets lessen.

No heat curls give you natural looking curls without damaging your hair.

Here are a few simple ways to curl your hair at home without any heat.


  1. Pin Curls


Pin curls gets you flawless wavy hair that completes your casual look. It is extremely easy and effective.

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Method: –

  • Part your hair in 2 or 4 inches sections.
  • Roll them nicely from top to bottom and pin that section on the top of your head.
  • Spray some water on your head and keep it overnight.
  • Then, remove the pins and slightly move your fingers through your hair.


  1. Braids


Braid curling is easy for everyone. It gives you perfect beach waves curls.

(Image: Wiki How)

Method: –

  • Wash your hair and wait for some time.
  • When they are dried like 70%, part your hair from the middle of your head into two sections.
  • Braid them tight or loose, according to the length of curls you desire.
  • For short curls braid them tightly, and for long curls braid them loosely.
  • Secure your braids with a rubber band.
  • Wait for 2-3 hours, or you can even leave it overnight.
  • Open your braids and finger comb your hair.


  1. Rollers


Rollers provide you curls with volume. It comes in different sizes to match your requirements.

(Image: Beauty and Health Tips)

Method: –

  • Wash your hair or simply dampen them.
  • Take a small section of your hair and roll it on the rollers.
  • Make sure to start rolling your hair from the tip to scalp.
  • Do it with all your hair section-wise.
  • And secure your hair on the rollers with its cover or a pin.
  • Wait for a couple of hours and undo your hair.
  • Simple run your finger through your hair to maintain the attained curls.



  1. Twisted Buns


In a hurry and want instant curls? This method helps you get curly hair in only a couple of hours.

(Image: Wiki How)

Method: –

  • Dampen your hair with a spray bottle.
  • Take small sections from your hair and roll them till the tip.
  • Then, again roll them in a circle, like you do for a bun.
  • Secure it with a pin.
  • Wait for 2-3 hours and open the rolls.
  • Slightly move your fingers through your hair.



  1. Sponge Rollers


A curling method to attain every kind of curls. Heat-less and effortless curling product.

(Image: Beauty Forever)

Method: –

  • Wash your hair and squeeze the excess water.
  • Take a 2 inches section of your hair and wrap them around the rod.
  • Start from the tip and keep rolling on rod.
  • Secure it by sealing the ends to tie the rod.

Now, you can get beautiful curls without damaging your hair.

By- Mekal Mishra


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