All You Need To Know About Sports Bra

All You Need To Know About Sports Bra


Sports Bra are great alternative to a regular bra. Sports Bra a comfortable and has many benefits. It is a MUST for women to have a sports bra. A sport bra can be worn on regular basis without any worries.

  • Less Discomfort

As the name says Sports, it implies that this bra is to be worn while exercising or doing any kind of sport. It provides full breast coverage for absolute support. It is designed to handle movements and holds your breasts firmly in place.

  • Prevents Breast Pain

While running, jogging or working out, women experience breast movement, which is absolute natural. But sometimes it hurts bad and starts to pain when wearing a regular bra. To prevent that pain, sports bras are the only alternative. They hold the breast and reduces movement.

  • Reduces Sagging

Breast go through a lot every day. Even while doing daily errands like walking, climbing the stairs, breast movement can cause more sagging than usual. A sports bra provides support and prevents breast sagging.

  • No Body Acne

While working out, a lot of sweat it produced, which can clog the body pore. Due to this clogging, body acne can be caused. A sports bra absorbs the sweat and helps in avoiding acne.


Types of Sports Bra


Compression Sports Bra

(Image: Nike)


Racerback Sports Bra

(Image: Target)


Front Fastening Sports Bra

(Image: Road Runner Sports)


Padded Sports Bra

(Image: Midnight Magic Lingerie)


Encapsulation Sports Bra

(Image: Fleet Feet Huntvilla)


How to choose the right sports bra?

  • While to wear a Sports Bra, make sure it doesn’t rise from the back.
  • The straps aren’t too tight that they tend to leave marks.
  • The cups should provide full coverage and should be breathable.

By- Mekal Mishra



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