‘BB’, The makeup sponge!

This eco-friendly reusable sponge gives great coverage without the product waste. Plus, it’s easy to use. It is perfect tool for applying foundation, concealer and other beauty products.

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So, who’s the mastermind behind this sponge?

“BB” was founded in 1993. Makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, the creator of the “BB” .

Applying foundation with a brush or fingers can result in streaks so that “BB” was invented by her to ensure, natural coverage.


“BB” has revolutionized the glamour world today. It has modernized the way of blending foundation.

It’s smooth and gentle application provides an even complexion to different parts of the face. While people use the Beautyblender in a variety of ways, the most effective is to tap it over the skin — rather than sweeping, dragging, or rolling, which changes the effect.

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EGG- Shaped with a flat edge:-    This BB has a precision tip for blemishes ; rounded side for stippling, and a flat edge for the contours.

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Tear Drop Shaped:-   You could use the wide bottom for the larger parts of your face and you could flip to the pointed end & use that for the smaller areas of your face; like around the nose and eyes.

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Diamond Shaped:-  The tiny tip is great for spot coverage, while the larger sides work for cheeks and smaller ones can be used for contouring.

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Peer Shaped:-   This is just like the teardrop shaped, just slightly contoured in the middle for a better grip. Wider end you could use to blend highlighter by rolling it i. e. on the apples of your cheeks.

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