Face Clean-Up At Home

Face Clean-Up At Home


Why To Use Face Cleansing Pads?

Face is the most embellished part of your body. You apply so many beauty products on your face. But what do you do to clean it up? Face Wash?

Well, that is not how to take care of your face. Once in a week, you should exfoliate your skin. It will clean the pores and remove the impurities from your skin. But it won’t happen if you just using your hands as an applicator.

You need a Face Cleansing Pad to clean your skin from within. It will not only exfoliate your skin but also provide a smooth face massage.

How To Use Them?

It is as easy as apple pie. Either apply your scrub directly on your face or pour some on the pad. Now gently massage your face with the pad. It is a silicon scrub pad, it will clean each and every area of your face and remove the dirt and impurities. It come along with an attached handle for better grip. It is flexible so that it can reach even the tiniest area of your face like the eye corners.

These Face Cleansing Pads are easily available and affordable.

By- Mekal Mishra


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