Facts About Face Wipes

Facts About Face Wipes

  1. Sweat and Oily Skin

In a hot sunny day or humid day, what annoys us the most? Sweat and Oily Skin! Exactly.

And normal handkerchiefs don’t help at all. Well in this case, wet face wipes are your best friends. Carrying a packet of these wipes will be a lot useful. They are small and easy to carry.


  1. Makeup Remover

Even after washing your face with face wash doesn’t help removing your makeup? Try using wet wipes to remove your makeup before directly washing your face with a face wash. It removes makeup effortlessly and you don’t hurt yourself while removing it with a harsh towel.


  1. Mild Stain Remover

We all know how much difficult it was for us to throw our favorite clothes because of persistent stains on it. But there a secret about face wipes that not many of us know is that, they eliminate stains from your clothes. If you immediately use face wipes to remove the stains, you can prevent your clothes from getting ruined. If it’s an old stain, then this won’t work.


  1. Prevents Body Acne

After a heavy workout we’re all left with sweat. Wipe the sweat from your neck, shoulders and back. It will absorb the sweat. This results in cleaning the pores and prevents you from awful body acne.


  1. Deodorant Stain Remover

In a hustle-bustle world, everyone is always in a hurry, and we don’t notice the material of our clothes and just apply deodorant all over us. Sometimes, deo leaves spots on your expensive clothes. But, you can remove those stains with these face wipes. Gently rub the wipe on the affected area and see the results yourself.

By- Mekal Mishra



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