How to Check Your Correct Bra Size

How to Check Your Correct Bra Size



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Wearing a wrong size of bra can affect your body, especially your breasts.


  • If you’re not wearing the right bra, it can deform your breasts and cause breast pain.
  • It can cause shoulder and neck pain because of the wrong strap fitting.
  • It causes back pain, to women who have larger breast size.
  • It deforms your body posture.
  • It can create blockage of lymph nodes.
  • And most terrifying, it can cause BREAST CANCER.


  • Measure your Band Size.

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While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, measure the size of your band, just under your bust. Use a measuring tape and measure carefully, take the nearest whole number to your measurement. If the number is odd, add five inches. If the number is even, add four inches for your accurate band size.

For example, if your measurement is 32 then by adding 4 into it will be 36, thus your band size is 36. If you measured 33 then add 5 to it, thus your band size will be 38.


  • Measure your Bust Size.

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Measure your bust at the fullest level by a measuring tape and take the nearest whole number.


  • Know your Cup Size

For your cup size, subtract the band size form the bust size.

For example, your bust size is 37 and your band size is 34, then your cup size number is 3 inches.

Following the chart, your bra size results to 34C.

How to check whether it fits or not?

  • Bend forward and then wear the bra. this will ensure that the breast is completely in the cups.
  • The bra should not be too tight or too loose. You should be able to fit one finger between your bra band and your body.
  • Tight or loosen the straps to check that it stays on your shoulder.
  • Your breast should not bulge out from your bra. Check it from the side also.
  • Your bra should be provide support and comfort to your breasts.


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