Myths Related To Bras



Not everything said about bras are TRUE! So, let’s get our FACTS clear.


  1. Your bra size remains the same all your life.

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We all know with growing age our body structure changes as we lose or gain weight, and so does our bra size. It is always suggested to check your bra size every year or twice a year.



  1. Sleeping in your bra will make your breast perky.

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There is no such scientific fact that sleeping in your bra or rather not sleeping in a bra will affect your breast. It is up to your comfort, whether you want to wear a bra while you sleep. Wearing or not wearing a bra in bed is the least factor to affect your breast.


  1. Bras can cause cancer.

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A bra is there to support your breast. There is no scientific evidence that BRAS can cause CANCER.


Well, you should be.

But it is MANDATORY to check that you aren’t wearing the wrong size.



  1. Bra size is same in all brands.

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Every brand has different fitting on each body, not every brand gives you the same comfortable fit in your regular size. Slight change in the size is normal. It’s better to try and then purchase a bra rather than picking any bra of your size.



  1. Not wearing a bra will make your breast sag.

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Again, wearing or not wearing a bra will not affect your breast anyhow. Within a period of time or during and post pregnancy your breast might get affected. But bras have nothing to do with it. In fact, not wearing a bra keeps your breast in its original shape and size.



  1. You can keep your bra forever.

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A bra which gives you absolute comfort and fits you well cannot be kept all your life. NOT AT ALL!

Many people are unaware of the fact that even bras have expiry dates. A bra can be worn for 6-9 months ONLY.


  1. Wear your bra on the tightest clasp.

(Image: Shape Singapore)


If it was meant to be hooked in the tightest clasped there wouldn’t be any other hooks. It is there for the *just in case* situation. Just in case you start to feel uncomfortable in the tightest clasp you can switch to the loose one or vice-a-versa.


  1. Heavy breast causes your straps to leave dents on your shoulder.

(Image: Beautyriots)


Shoulder dents are not caused by heavy breast but by wearing the wrong bra. If the bra isn’t supporting your breast properly, it can cause problems such as shoulder dents.

So, it is important to wear the right size of bra to avoid such problems.

So now that your doubts are clear, get yourself a new comfy bra from BoldnYoung!

(By- Mekal Mishra)


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