Skin Tips

Charcoal has been used in large range of purpose including art and medicine. Any organic material can be used to make charcoal when it is burned. It’s important to select activated charcoal made from dead wood, coconut husk and bamboo. Its absorbent     properties come in handy in many situations. It is used to remove toxin from your body in case of drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. This property also makes it great for your skin.


Benefits of using activated charcoal:

  • Whiten Teeth: Activated Charcoal is used to remove plaque, whitening teeth. For use just mix the powder with water until it gets thick enough consistency that it stay on the toothbrush. Even you can dab the mixture into your teeth with your finger. Use the method daily to remove Stain from your teeth.


  • Clean Face: Activated Charcoal is also used as cleanser for face. Everyday pollution, dirt gets trapped in your skin and its makes dull and lifeless of your skin. Activated Charcoal draws them out of the skin thus gives a clean and fresh skin. It also absorb toxin, tighten pores,reduce inflammation, decongests skin etc.  For use mix with rose water and apply it on your face keep it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with Luke warm water. You can also use as scrub for face.


Heal Wound: Activated Charcoal can heal wound and damaged skin. It works by drawing out toxins and fluids that weaken the healing the process.The Activated Charcoal dressings are better tolerated than the control.



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