Types Of Beauty Blender And Its Usage

Types Of Beauty Blender And Its Usage


We have different shapes and sizes of Beauty Blenders which makes it super confusing to choose the right one. Here is a list of beauty blenders along with its usage, so you can pick a beauty blender which you need.

1. Tear Drop/ Egg-Shaped Sponge

(Image: deprettilicious)

This Egg-Shaped sponge has been seen everywhere. It is the most used blender among make-up artists.

Best used with liquid foundation and concealers. Useful for blending, contouring and highlighting. Provides smooth finish

The tip helps to cover the smaller areas of the face such as the corner of eyes and nose. The wide base helps to cover the larger are of the face like the cheeks and the forehead. The cell structure of the sponge hold water, so the liquid make-up doesn’t get absorbed or washed.

2. Peer Shaped Sponge

(Image: deprettilicious)

The Peer Shaped Sponge is also the most used blender. The peer shape provides better grip while using it.

Best used with liquid foundation and concealers. The rounded portion blends the larger area of the face easily. The tip and the smaller rounded portion of the sponge is best for concealing under the eyes.

3. Compact Powder Sponge

The Compact Sponge is the secret beauty blender every woman has in her bag. These sponges are used to touch-up the make-up.

Best used with powdered make-up products. Its shape helps in blending well. It is inexpensive and fits in every make-up kit. It can be used dry and wet. It gives full coverage for even make-up.

4. Flocked Sponge

(Image: Jane Iredale)

The Flocked Sponge is flat and asymmetrical in shape. The sponge is super-soft and ensures even layer of make-up.

Best used with highlighters, contouring, liquid and powdered make-up. The asymmetrical shape makes contouring easier and gives accurate make-up look without making a cake of your face. The curved corners help in highlighting in exact areas only without spreading the it.

5. Multi-tasker Sponge

(Image: Bhartiya Bazaar)

This sponge is called the multi-tasker beauty blender because of its unique shape. It is egg-shaped with a flat-edge. It has all the benefits of the egg-shaped sponge and the flocked sponge.

It is best used with liquid and powdered make-up products. Best of foundation, contour and highlight.

The tip covers the small area of the face, specially the eyes and the wide area is used for larger face areas. The fat-edge is used for contouring. It blends make-up evenly on the face and gives smooth finishing without any make-up lines.

6. Diamond Shaped Sponge

(Image: Pick6deals)

The Diamond Shaped Sponge is very much attractive because of its shape. The tip of sponge provides spot coverage. The bottom edges can be used for contouring and the large flat area is used to cover areas like the forehead. Best used with liquid foundation and contouring palette. It blends better when used wet.

By- Mekal Mishra



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