Wardrobe Tips

There are a few women who love lingerie shopping and go crazy hoarding them, but there are a few who are lazy or don’t really know when they should really go shopping for them. If you are someone who falls in the second category, we must say that it is time you are watchful of what your lingerie is trying to convey to you. Lingerie speaks a lot about Women. Love yourself and try different lingerie everyday to get a different look of yourself.

  • Add a section on your wardrope for your selective lingerie. Keep your underwear drawer as streamlined and versatile,by making separate piles of bra and panties. Just fold and sort them according to your favorite color. Once you’ve whittled down your lingerie collection and create a storage system that will allow you to see what you have and find things

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  • Organise your lingerie wardrope according to color or by by matching pair.For work and weekend go for comfortable bras.All you want a couple of black and Nude shades that blend with your Skin. Set black strapless bra for formal occasions and one nude racerback bra to wear under tank tops.And for special occasion go for lacy push up bra in bright colors.

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