What Kind of Bra to Wear Under Your Clothes

What Kind of Bra to Wear Under Your Clothes


We all know how difficult it has become for us girls having so much variety in clothes and deciding what kind of bra to wear under each cloth that we own.

But don’t worry as you read forward, all your difficulties and doubts will just push off your daily struggle.

Here are all the types of Bra you can wear under each kind of yours clothes.



T-shirt Bra or a Seamless Bra, call it anything but it has and always remained a woman’s favourite bra. A bra for daily use! Wear under your Shirts, Kurtas, Kurtis, Half-sleeves tops and your favourite round neck and V-neck T-shirts.


T-shirt Bra Image


Well, are you tired of hooks? Then is the best bra that has been made taking women’s comfort in mind.


Yes! It can be worn under your Shirts, Tees, and moreover it can be worn a top as well. You can carry a bralette with your favourite pair of jeans and style it with a jacket if you want. Or maybe try it with shorts or skirt, up to you. But you’ll never get out of style with a bralette.

Bralette Image    Bralette Image


As the name suggests, Sports bra for exercising purpose.  Now, a lot of women wear their regular t-shirt bra while working out or exercising which is harmful for your breasts. It’s some WARNING ladies! Switch to sports bra while you exercise.

It goes under your Tees and sports vest. You can always team up your sports bra with a good pair of yoga pants and you’re good to go for your gym or a yoga class.

Sports Bra Image    Sports Bra Image



Don’t let your style be in limits of sleeves and straps. GO STRAPLESS!

With all the trendy styles of off-shoulder, cold-shoulder and one-shoulder tops and dresses you owe, wear them out without any awkwardness of hiding your bra straps. Pick the correct size bra and fear not, it won’t fall.

(Source: Third love Images)



A strapless tube bra is the same as a strapless bra but with an advantage! You can wear these with your tang tops, mesh tops and flaunt it. If you are always in a fear that their strapless bra will fall, this is best choice for you, a strapless tube bra! It will stick to your body as a good companion.


Strapless Tube Bra Image    Strapless Tube Bra Image



Thinking of wearing a deep V-neck dress and stuck on the thought of which bra will it go with? Try a Plunge neck bra for such deep neck tops and dresses. It won’t steal the look of your clothes and you’ll be comfortable wearing it.

(Source: NuBra Images)



Having so many options now-a-days, sleeveless, strapless, backless and what not?

If you have something which has all these then stick-on bras is the one option, you need to stick with. It is easy to wear and carry, it won’t fall. But it can be a hassle for women with bigger breast size.Stick-On Bra Image

Don’t be afraid of being in fashion, choose your panache and embrace it with a bra that will compliment your look.

(By- Mekal Mishra)


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