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What to Wear in Bali


Booked your trip to Bali with your friends or maybe with someone special and still confused what to pack.


Here we give you a list handy!


  1. Ladies ditch your Tees, Crop Tops and others monotonous clothes. Go for something more bold and hot!!

Wear a Bralette!! It goes with everything. Team it up with your Denim shorts or a frill skirt and get yourself ready to wear this pretty tempting outfit.

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  1. Heard about the most famous Yoga Barns?

Bali has THE most peaceful Yoga Barns ever! Even if you aren’t a Yogi, you will want to attend at least one of the yoga sessions there.

And what to pack for that? Buy yourself some cool colour sports bra and pair it with yoga pants and a jacket if you want.

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  1. Packing for Bali and you still don’t own a pair of BIKINI and a SWIMSUIT?

Don’t you worry, we got your back! We’ve got the most stunning Bikini and Swimsuit wear for you. Get a complete Beach look for yourself.

Bikini Image                                       Bikini Image


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  1. Bought a nice lacy bra but couldn’t find something matching with it? Check out these thongs to match up with your bra. Have the most FAB look.

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  1. Don’t want to go out of style while in bed also? Then you just cannot let this offer go from your hand. Get 6 pieces of nightwear exclusively for your Bali Trip.

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6.  If you are going on a honeymoon, then you must have a wonderful collection of lingerie and nightwear.

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Why not spice up things by wearing a sexy piece of Lingerie and nightwear and make him AWESTRUCK!


Don’t Be Shy This Summer.

Pack Your Stuff and Have an Incredible Trip To BALI!

(By- Mekal Mishra)


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