Know Your Thongs



  • Comfort


Thongs are tremendously comfortable. There is too little cloth to be uncomfortable of. It is easy to carry all day without any trouble.


  • Natural Shape


By wearing thongs, you get and can maintain the natural shape of your butt. It doesn’t disfigure your butt shape and keeps it real unlike the granny panty.


  • No Panty Lines


What are the girls most worried about when they wear yoga pants or leggings or even jeans?


The utmost annoying thing ever which ruins your style statement.

Then, you must start wearing thongs. They don’t give panty line in outfit and you can look flawless.


  • They Look Good


They look good, they feel good. Thongs are the sexiest panty on a woman’s body ever. Not too basic and not to fancy. Just perfect.

(Image: Outlet7)

  • No Ride Up


Thongs don’t ride in your butt like other panties, there is no bunching that is visible on your clothes. They stay where they should be. You don’t have to suffer through the unwanted attention while adjusting your underwear.


  • Less Acne and No Irritation


Due to less cloth there is less interaction between the panty and the skin, it keeps you cool on hot summer days. Hence, it is the best panty to avoid acne and any kind of irritation.


  • Variety

(Image: Fashiola)

In regular panties you just have a few options but in thongs the list of variety is incredibly long. From lacy to silky, thongs have the sexiest variety that every woman should own, not for anyone else but for themselves. To look good and feel good.


Ladies! It’s time you breakup with your old, basic undies and make thongs your Bestfriend.

By- Mekal Mishra


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